Mobiles, trapunto & motif designs


This section presents a collection of designs for novelty mobiles, machine trapunto items and quilted decor motifs. Quilted motifs are ideal for decorating many items around the home, such as cushions or curtain tie-backs, or they can be appliqued to clothing or used as brooches. A combination of quilting and free machine embroidery is used to make oversize examples of real butterflies. These are so realistic they could fly off your work! Apart from the uses suggested above, the butterflies could also be added to floral appliqués, or mounted to make an environmentally friendly butterfly display.

Most of the designs in the floral applique section of the catalogue can be reworked in machine trapunto technique.

[wp_cart_display_product name=”Viking ship” price=”5.00″ shipping=”0.05″ thumbnail=”” description=”VIKING SHIP WALL HANGING (NOVS). Copyright Marilyn Hornby. Plump quilted striped sails and a row of shields hanging on the sides, not to mention the dragon head prow and realistic cord rigging, topped with a gaily fluttering flag! Double sided and free hanging. Pattern and full illustrated instructions in pack. Finished size 44cm x 44cm (17in x 17in) approximately.”]
[wp_cart_display_product name=”Christmas tree” price=”4.00″ shipping=”0.05″ thumbnail=”” description=”CHRISTMAS TREE WALL HANGING (NOXT). Copyright Marilyn Hornby.’,’ Make a tree of triangular mini-cushions and a tub and then let your imagination run wild in decorating it. Double sided and free hanging. An easy project for beginners. Pattern and full illustrated instructions in pack. Finished size 55cm wide x 60cm high (21.5in x 23.5in).”]
[wp_cart_display_product name=”Trapunto daisy design” price=”4.00″ shipping=”0.05″ thumbnail=”” description=”DAISY TRAPUNTO CUSHION (MTDC). Copyright Marilyn Hornby. Cushion worked in 3 layers of machine trapunto to give an enhanced bas-relief effect. Full illustrated instructions for working the design and making up a cushion c. 43 cm (17 in) square.”]

[wp_cart_display_product name=”Cabbage white” price=”4.00″ shipping=”0.05″ thumbnail=”” description=”CABBAGE WHITE BUTTERFLY (DMCW). Copyright Marilyn Hornby.’,’ Dramatic creamy-white with black wing tips and spots. This one will not threaten your cabbages! Size approximately 18cm wide x 10cm deep (7.5in x 4.5in).”]
[wp_cart_display_product name=”Fritillary butterfly” price=”4.00″ shipping=”0.05″ thumbnail=”” description=”PEARL BORDERED FRITILLARY BUTTERFLY (DMFB). Copyright Marilyn Hornby. A gorgeous golden brown with distinctive deep brown wing patterns, this butterfly gets its name from the creamy-white markings on the posterior wing edges. Size approximately 25cm wide x 11cm deep (9.75in x 4.75in).”]