Fused work kits


Fused work is a new technique where patterns are stitched through a soluble fleece and multiple layers of organza. Areas are then cut out with a fine-tipped soldering iron to produce a cut-work effect. The use of different colours of organza produces dramatic colour change effects similar to using light filters. This versatile work can be used as a window transparency (ideal for Christmas items), table mats and centres or appliqued to many different items.

Each kit contains: full size design, instructions for fused work, soluble fabric, organza selection and a picture of the finished item.

To complete the item you will need the following additional items: a soluble marker, sewing machine, machine embroidery thread, a fine tip, low wattage soldering iron and a large ceramic tile or piece of glass.

Celtic knot - fused work
Celtic knot - fused work
CELTIC KNOT (XCK). Copyright Marilyn Hornby. Several shades of gold make this never-ending Celtic knot into a rich mat or applique. The different strands can be stitched in different shades of thread to add interest. Approximately 30 cm x 28 cm (12 in x 11 in).