Redwork designs


The traditional craft of Redwork has been around for over a hundred years and lives up to its name by being worked all in one colour thread, namely red! Of course there is nothing to stop you using another colour, but keep all the stitching in whatever colour you do choose. A design is embroidered through American muslin and a compressed wadding simultaneously. When embroidery is finished the work is often ‘antiqued’ by tea-dyeing it before making up.

Each design pack comprises: a full size working diagram, complete instructions on how to work the design and embroidery stitch diagrams. Additional information on uses supplied with some designs. You provide the materials for design packs, or they can be obtained from Patch Flora.

[wp_cart_display_product name=”Christmas Collection” price=”6.00″ shipping=”0.05″ thumbnail=”” description=”CHRISTMAS COLLECTION (RDX). Copyright Marilyn Hornby 2011. This design pack contains a multi-use selection of 10 designs, general instructions for redwork, stitch diagrams, a plan of a lap quilt/throw combining the designs into patchwork and instructions for using the designs to make a small wall hanging and a cube decoration. The designs are: baubles, bells, candles, Cristmas tree, festive fireplace, holly, ivy, parcels, robin and Star of Bethelehem. Finished size of each design is 5 in x 5 in (approx. 13 cm x 13 cm).”]
[wp_cart_display_product name=”Christmas Bolster” price=”5.00″ shipping=”0.38″ thumbnail=”” thumbnail2=”” description=”CHRISTMAS BOLSTER (RBO). Copyright Marilyn Hornby. The Holly and the Ivy. A design for a bolster with illustrated instructions for redwork and assembly. The photograph shows the completed bolster, approximately 33 in long by 9 in diameter (c. 84 cm x 23 cm).”]

The seven redwork designs in the ‘HOME’ CLASSIC DETAILS pack (RWCD) may be used with the designs in HOMES THEME (RHO) to make the lap quilt shown above. The chart for the layout of the quilt is included in RWCD. Additional red fabrics are required.

[wp_cart_display_product name=”Homes Theme” price=”4.00″ shipping=”0.05″ thumbnail=”” thumbnail2=”” thumbnail3=”” thumbnail4=”” description=”HOMES THEME (RHO). Copyright Marilyn Hornby. RHO includes Cottage, Georgian House, Castle and Tudor House, all designs being approximately A4 in size. The top picture shows the Cottage on natural muslin, made up as a cushion. The next three pictures are of wall hangings of the Georgian House, Castle and Tudor House, all on muslin that has been tea-dyed.”]
[wp_cart_display_product name=”Classic Details” price=”5.00″ shipping=”0.05″ thumbnail=”” thumbnail2=”” thumbnail3=”” thumbnail4=”” thumbnail5=”” description=”‘HOME’ CLASSIC DETAILS (RWCD). Copyright Marilyn Hornby. A set of seven designs. The design above (Daisy) is 3 in x 3 in (c. 10 cm x 10 cm). Other designs are shown incorporated into the lap quilt below: Stone Doorway, Window with Balcony and Parasol and Chair are all 6 in x 9 in (c. 20 cm x 30 cm). The sizes of the Picket Fence, Garden Containers and Inglenook Fireplace are 3 in x 6 in, 3 in x 9 in and 6 in x 9 in, respectively. “]
[wp_cart_display_product name=”LIFE JIGSAW QUILT” price=”30.00″ shipping=”2.62″ thumbnail=”” description=”LIFE JIGSAW QUILT (RLQ). Copyright Marilyn Hornby 2010. A design pack for a quilt or wall hanging approximately 117 cm x 101 cm (46 in x 40 in) with 15 skeins of red Anchor embroidery thread and 26 different squares of red print fabric for applique. This ‘whole cloth’ quilt with bonded applique pieces and redwork embroidery features words and illustrations of hobbies and interests in a jigsaw setting and is quilted with French knots. The pack contains complete instructions, a master jigsaw blank, a choice of hobbies and illustrations and an alphabet to make up your own words if necessary. You will need to provide American muslin or Quilters’ Calico, Thermolam wadding, backing and binding fabric, Bondaweb and decorative cord for edging (optional). A part of the quilt in more detail is shown below”]

Copyright Marilyn Hornby 2010. This is a detail of part of the LIFE JIGSAW QUILT.